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Empowering you and your family to embrace a health, happy, and active lifestyle!

Thank you for visiting our website! Having spent over 20 years in the Chiropractic profession, I am continually amazed by the positive results our patients experience through regular chiropractic care and lifestyle modification. My mission when opening Wave Integrative Wellness was to take what I have learned over 2 decades of patient care and create a practice focused on health restoration and health maintenance. Our health is our most valuable asset, but unfortunately most people only make it a priority when it's in crisis. Too many people are reactive with their health instead of being proactive. At Wave Integrative Wellness our primary focus is helping our patients achieve optimal health through proper spinal care, lifestyle modification, and safe, non-invasive alternatives for pain relief. We hope you will consider giving us the opportunity to serve you and your family.

- Dr. Steve



Chiropractic care is focused on restoring normal function to not only the joints of your spine, but also the nervous system, which is why millions of Americans have not only found relief from back pain, neck pain, and headaches, but also a pathway to better overall health. 



New Wave Contouring Lights are actual pads placed directly on the skin. The 8 individual pads combined contain over 10,000 diodes that look like lit-up dots. Each "dot" contains 3 lights that deliver powerful wavelengths of energy to your fat cells.


We focus on the root cause of weight loss resistance. The major factor of weight loss is inflammation. Inflammation caused by the diet, lifestyle, and toxicity. Most people are toxic and toxins drive inflammation and lipids.

The same technology that is used to break up kidney stones now is used to increase circulation, break up scar tissue/calcifications and stimulate migration of stem cells and growth factors to injured areas. SoftWave TRT is an exciting, breakthrough option in the field of regenerative medicine.


Our office has helped countless people in the Kansas City area radically improve their quality of life by providing alternatives to the traditional allopathic model of treating symptoms. Our goal is to empower our patients to take control of their health and to make educated and proactive decisions that not only impact their health but that of their family as well. The number one priority at our chiropractic office is ensuring that each and every patient feels like part of our family from the second they walk in.


Dr. Steve Gumpenberger, a doctor of Chiropractic with over 20 years experience in private practice, is dedicated to helping patients take back control of their health. He has a passion for educating on the topics of health and wellness and offers patient education workshops both in and out of the office. He was one the first providers to bring a state-of-the-art non-invasive regenerative therapy to KC in early 2020 known as TRT SoftWave. As a result Dr. Steve is one of the most experienced SoftWave providers in the area and has helped hundreds of patients get out of pain naturally and avoid unnecessary drugs and surgery. 


Dr. Steve along with his wife Belinda will work relentlessly to help you reach your goals and get to the bottom of any health issues that you may be experiencing; reducing or getting rid of the symptoms entirely.


When you become a part of the Wave Integrative Wellness family you can expect a team of experts to guide you along your journey towards better health and less pain. Whether it's improving your posture, losing weight, alleviating pain, or restoring function, our treatment plans focus on natural or alternative treatments that have a high degree of success.


We look forward to meeting you in our office and adding you as a member of the Wave Integrative Wellness family.


Jenny F. 

"Very friendly and informative. Definitely not pushy. I would recommend anyone to give them a try. They really do care!"

Jean H.

"This place is extraordinary! Belinda and Dr. Steve are so very accommodating and make sure you know all the ins and outs of the process. The process itself is phenomenal." 

Julia S.

"What a wonderful place!! Very thorough, very kind. They TRULY care about people's health & want you to live your BEST any age!! The red-light therapy was a very relaxing experience!! I will definitely be back!"
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